How many times a day should you pee?


It’s okay to pee a lot

Some people have to pee constantly while other can go hours without visiting the toilet. Is it normal to have to urinate all the time? We did some research into how many times the average person has to pee per day.

Don’t worry right away!


There’s not really one answer to the question of what a normal number of toilet visits per day is; it’s different for everyone. Internal medicine physician Keri Peterson explains to Women’s Health US: “On average, people go about six to seven times per day.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the normal amount of toilet visits for everyone, though. You have to take multiple factors into account. How much do you drink a day and how big or small is your bladder? It’s pretty logical that you have to pee more often if you have a small bladder.


Your caffeine intake can also influence the frequency of your toilet visits. Caffeine is a diurectic, which is a substance that speeds up the release of water by your kidneys, meaning you have to pee more often. Smokers also visit the toilet more often than non-smokers. That’s because tobacco can irritate your bladder, which makes you need to urinate sooner. If you exercise or move around a lot and thus sweat a lot, you’ll most likely pee less, because you’re losing the water in other ways.

Too little or too often?

Alright, so how do you know if you’re going to the toilet too often or too little? There’s only reason for concern if you notice that you (suddenly) have to urinate much more often than before. You can also keep a pee diary to find out what is normal for you. All you need to do for that is to keep track of what and how much you drink, when you have to pee and how much you pee each time. If you have to go to the toilet a lot, you might be able to find out why because of this diary. Do you drink eight cups of coffee a day, for example? Then chances are you’ll find yourself on a toilet at least once an hour. In this case, it’s clear that your coffee drinking habits are what’s causing you to go to the toilet so often.

Are you still worried about how often you have to pee? Visit your doctor; that’s always the best solution.

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Source: Women’s Health Mag | Image: Unsplash