5 infertility symptoms that seem very harmless

2. Pain in the pelvis

If you experience extreme pain in your pelvis – especially during sex or a visit to the toilet – there is a possibility of having endometriosis. This means that you have “lost” pieces of uterine lining that settle in places where they don’t belong, such as the ovaries or the bladder. This causes sharp pains or stings, especially during menstruation. In the long term, the probability of infertility can increase, which makes it more difficult to conceive. Luckily however, most women who suffer from endometriosis have successful and healthy pregnancies regardless.

3. Hot flashes

Do you ever suffer from hot flashes? Then it is possible that you are in the transition early. Although most women only face the transition around the age of fifty, for some people this happens earlier. Often this is hereditary, so if your mother went through the transition earlier than average, there is a possibility that this will happen with you too. It is essential to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

4. Hair in strange places

Do you suddenly get hair on your lip, chin, neck or stomach? Then you may have a hormonal disorder. This can make it difficult to get pregnant. Sometimes contraception is necessary in such cases to balance the hormones.

5. Milky discharge from your nipples

Excess of prolactin in your body may lead to milky discharge from your breasts. This hormone tells your body that breast milk must be made. This symptom may indicate a false pregnancy, but also infertility.

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