How to stick to your New Year resolutions


Finally stick to the goals you set

When the clock strikes twelve, we promise to quit smoking, go to the gym more often or finally learn that new skill we’ve been wanting to master. And every year we end up forgetting about those resolutions all together. This is how you can finally stick to your New Year resolutions.

Be realistic

If you want to run a marathon when you can’t even make it to the bus without gasping for air, you might want to adjust your goal slightly. Find a goal that works with the level you’re currently at. And don’t ask too much of yourself. If you want to exercise more, hang out with your friends and family, go on an expensive vacation, be less stressed, quit smoking and learn how to play guitar, you might not be able to keep all of those resolutions. Pick one or two to focus on so you can make sure you have actually stuck to it when December comes back around.

Be kind

Chances are, you won’t stick to your new lifestyle right away. It will be hard to quit smoking or to exercise three times a week or to get out your guitar and practice every day. Don’t punish yourself for missing a day or stepping out of line. Just try again the next day. Feeling guilty won’t help you reach your goals faster. So don’t!

Track your progress

You have twelve months to finally quit that bad habit or learn that new skill. So the first step would be to make a plan and track your results. If you want to learn how to speak a certain language, then there are steps to take to get there. Make a plan for those steps and slowly execute them. Then keep track of your progress so you know whether or not you have been sticking to your resolutions.


Treat yourself when you take steps in the right direction! It is important to motivate yourself with rewards. So give yourself a present, a treat or a vacation when you make it to the next step of your plan.

And if it turns out you have not achieved what you wanted to, then try again next year! Practice makes progress and eventually you’ll keep your New Year resolutions.

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Source: Elegance | Image: Unsplash, Tim Mossholder