This is how to wash your hands properly according to World Health Organization

Cleaning your hands

Of course, you’ll want to wash your hands after a visit to the toilet. Usually we’d suggest to not wash your hands too often with hand sanitiser or soap, since this will cause all kinds of little cracks in your skin. This happens because most hand sanitisers and soaps contain ingredients that will dry out your skin, like alcohol, for example. But with the coronavirus spreading real fast in the world, it’s obviously important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap multiple times a day. In order to wash your hands properly the World Health Organization (WHO) advices to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice while using the images below.

WHO Washing Hands
Source: WHO

Also, check the video below. It shows that washing your hands properly is a little more complicated than most of us would have thought.


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Source: PureWow | Image: Pixabay