Gross! Everyone forgets to wash THIS body part in the shower!

body part

Yes, you probably forget about this body part too!

Despite the fact that everybody takes showers, nearly everyone forgets to wash this body part when they’re cleaning themselves. This means it hardly ever gets cleaned and contains a lot of bacteria because of that.

Research has shown that nearly everyone forgets to clean their belly button.

Belly button
Dr Travis Stork explains that there are over 60 different types of bacteria in your belly button. And it’s not just bacteria that amass in that small corner of your body; sweat, soap, dirt and body lotion also accumulate in there. This is not only pretty gross, but all those bacteria can also eventually cause an inflammation. Yes, in your belly button. And no, that’s not in any way comfortable.

So, it isn’t unnecessary at all to wash your belly button every day. You don’t have to do this with intense soap or cleaning agents; it’s best to clean it carefully with water and a tiny bit of soap. Do make sure you use a very mild type of soap or, better yet, soap without any alcohol. Rinse your belly button thoroughly after cleaning it. Otherwise, there’ll still be soap residue left there, which you want to avoid.

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Source: Cosmopolitan | Image: Pexels