Having trouble cleaning your shower head? Not anymore, due to this simple trick!

shower head

Your shower head will be free of limescale!

Cleaning the house; some people think of it as the ultimate way of relaxing, but most of us hate it with a passion. Especially the bathroom is a place we do not look forward to cleaning, mostly because there’s just no end to it.

You’ve finally managed to get everything squeaky clean again, and then you take one shower and it all looks just as gross as it did before. This is to blame on that ruddy limescale, of course. Lime is a part of water, so it’s no wonder that our bathrooms and showers are covered in it. Especially the shower head can become victim to limescale quite easily. A white-ish layer appears over the head, and the water will spurt everywhere because the little holes become blocked. It’s pretty difficult to clean, because the limescale is so stubborn, but we’ve got a trick for you that means you won’t have to scrub at it all!

The trick
All you need for this trick is a plastic baggy, cleaning vinegar and an elastic band! Here’s how to remove limescale off your shower head:

Fill the plastic baggy with cleaning vinegar. Place it around the shower head and fasten is securely with the elastic band so it won’t fall off. It’s important that the shower head is completely submerged in the vinegar. Leave this over night.

Remove the baggy the next day and you’ll see that the shower head is back to it’s shiny self! Let the shower run for a little bit before getting under it, and that’s it; you’re done!

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