Fell asleep without removing your lenses? This can happen to your eyes

From eye irritation to damage

Even if you are lucky enough not to get an infection, your eyes often get quite irritated when you snooze with the lenses still in. Your eyes dry while you sleep, and removing lenses from your dry eyes, causes irritation and sometimes even damage.

Naps then?

Okay, sleeping with your lenses in for eight hours is not a good idea, but can a nap really hurt so much? Yes, it can, so that is not a good idea either. The moment you fall asleep, your cornea starts to swell a bit. However, the longer you sleep, the more risk you run. But even during that 15-minute nap, bacteria can collect between the surface cells of the eye.

Fallen asleep anyway

Just as bumping your little toe wasn’t deliberate (but it happened anyway), the same can happen with falling asleep with your lenses in. Has that happened to you, and are you experiencing the following symptoms? If so, then contact an eye specialist:

  • Pain or discomfort in the eyes
  • Extra sensitive to light
  • Red eyes
  • Change in your view
  • More tears

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