Drink this simple miracle drink and you will fall asleep immediately


Falling asleep is a breeze with this miracle drink

Nothing is as annoying as not being able to sleep. You’re tossing and turning in your bed and you simply don’t manage to fall asleep. In the past your mother used to give you warm milk. However, the miracle drink that we want to tell you about is like milk 2.0. It is super tasty and also very healthy because of all the herbs it contains.


Staring at the ceiling because you can’t fall asleep is something that does not make anyone happy – and it certainly won’t make you feel well rested in the morning. Even though you might have had a busy day, it can sometimes still happen that you cannot sleep at night. You can then choose to read a book or just to get out of bed, but you can also make this drink. After which you may find it easier to fall sleep.


People with a cow’s milk allergy can replace regular milk with almond milk. Milk is not the secret ingredient here, adaptogen are. Adapt what? Yes, we also never heard of it, but this appears to be widely used in Chinese medicine.  Adaptogens help you think clearly, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Sounds good right?

You can get these adaptogens in capsule form. Examples of adaptogens are ginseng, rose root and maca powder.

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