Dealing with heartburn: how to prevent it


With these four tips, you won’t be bothered by acid reflux and heartburn anymore

It can really put a damper on the afterglow of a delicious dinner: acid reflux and heartburn. You end up with a burning sensation in your chest and the uncomfortable feeling of acid traveling back up to your throat. So how do you keep this natural phenomenon from happening?  

Heartburn and acid reflux

Aren’t those two the exact same thing? Not really! Even though the two are connected to one another, they are not the exact same thing. When acid travels back up from your stomach to your throat, it is called acid reflux. This is solely about the occurrence of acid moving up your throat. Heartburn is the feeling you get when you experience acid reflux. It is the burning sensation in your chest that usually shows up after you eat or when you lay down.

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