Rumour has it there’s a rift between Prince Charles and William and Harry

william and harry
It’s been said that William and Harry don’t have a good bond with Prince Charles at all

When you’re part of the royal family, your life will always be looked at very closely by everyone and most of all the media. Prince Charles and his sons William and Harry will probably be used to this by now, but we do wonder what they make of this rumour. Most of all, though, we wonder if it’s true. The rumour? That there’s a big rift between Charles and his sons.

A source reveals that they hardly see each other at all.

Different people

Insiders have been saying that the relationship between Charles and his two adult sons is anything but warm. One of the sources told the Daily Beast: “They are very different people and they just don’t get on … They rarely see each other outside of official business.” But what has caused this bad relationship? According to the source, Prince Charles doesn’t like the fact that his sons are so popular with the people or the fact that they’re a lot more informal and personal with them than he is. Apparently, Charles disapproves of William and Harry being open about what the death of their mother, Princess Diana, did to them and to their mental health.

William and Harry

Then there’s William and Harry’s side, of course. Tom Bower, the author of a very revealing book about Prince Charles, explains that William and Harry don’t like Camilla. “This is partly because of what happened to their mother Diana, but also because Charles spent so little time with them when they were younger.” The insiders say that all of this together has made sure Charles and his sons don’t have a warm relationship at all.


Of course, there’s no way of knowing whether this is actually true. There are also people who say that Charles and his sons are as close as can be and that he was the one who helped them through their grief over the death of their mother. Harry himself has said that Charles was there for him and William during that tough time. Plus, Charles was the one who stepped in last minute to walk his then almost-daughter-in-law Meghan Markle down the aisle and he also gave a moving speech about Harry at that same wedding. So, there’s also evidence Charles is actually a very loving father. So, what’s the truth? We’ll probably never know.

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