Get rid of fungal nails for good. This home-made remedy is all you need!


Combat fungal nails effectively with a remedy that you can make at home

Fungal nails are very annoying to have. There are many people who struggle with them. It is caused by a fungus that infects the nail. The infection is sometimes transferred from one person to another by means of direct contact, but it is mostly transferred through fungal spores. Spores are found in dandruff for example which is something infected people often suffer from. When your immune system isn’t strong enough, the fungus has the opportunity to develop and grow.

Fungal nails are unpleasant but there is a remedy.

Painful nails

It is possible that your nails have thickened so much that they press against your shoes and cause you pain in the process. A fungal nail can also be a source of a reoccurring fungal infection in your groin or feet. A misshapen or distorted nail can damage the skin as well. There are certain groups of people, such as diabetics, that have a higher chance of fungal nails. When you don’t treat fungal nails correctly, the infection can spread to the matrix of the nail. In this case, you can’t get rid of it anymore. Besides, treating your fungal nails is not only good for you but also good for the people around you as they are also at risk of getting the infection.


Luckily for everyone, there is a lot you can do about fungal nails. There are plenty of remedies you can get at the pharmacist or apothecary and even a good pedicurist can help you with them. The remedies available hinder the growth of the fungus and they eventually kill the fungus. Other remedies make your nails healthy again, which makes sure that the fungus cannot survive. But why should you spend a lot of money on remedies like these when you can make a perfectly good remedy yourself. With only three ingredients, you can make a remedy that effectively helps to get rid of fungal nails without giving you any side effects,  which is often the case with many other remedies. Go to the next page to read all about this home-made remedy.

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