‘You need to wash raw chicken before preparing it’: true or false? We’ve got the answer!


By rinsing raw chicken under the tap you can unwittingly cause the bacteria to spread throughout the kitchen along with splashes of water. These bacteria might even end up in a glass of water, on freshly washed vegetables or on your chopping board. This is called cross-contamination and it can make you pretty ill! So, don’t wash your chicken, but instead simply make sure it’s heated through and through. It’s also important to immediately wash the cutlery you used to prepare the chicken with water and soap.


To prevent getting ill from the disgusting salmonella or campylobacter bacteria, there are a few precautions you can take. Always check the best-by date on the packaging and never eat chicken that’s past that date. Use an insulated bag or a cooler to transport chicken from the supermarket to your fridge. Always put the chicken in the fridge immediately! This prevents bacteria from growing. Wash your hands before handling chicken, but certainly after as well! Also wash everything the chicken has come into contact with, the knife, cutting board, etc. Always heat the chicken through and through and make sure it’s completely cooked before consuming it. Don’t keep cooked chicken in the fridge for longer than two days.

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Source: Gezondheid.be | Image: video still YouTube CookingWithCarolyn