Do blueberries deserve to be called a superfood?

Are blueberries a superfood or not?

Blueberries are becoming more and more popular – lots of people buy them in the supermarket. Part of the reason for that is they’re often marketed as being a ‘superfood’. We’ve written about the health benefits of blueberries before because they contain a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants. But are they actually more healthy for you than other types of fruit?

They’re definitely tasty, that’s for sure, but are they a superfood?


Roy van der Ploeg, who works for the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, explains what the deal is with blueberries: “Blueberries are healthy. It’s an excellent type of fruit, but not one that’s healthier or has better qualities than any other type of fruit.” He confirms that the berries contain a lot of vitamin C, but he also says that the same is true for other types of fruit. Bananas, for example, contain less vitamin C than blueberries, but they do contain more potassium and protein.


A claim that’s often made is that blueberries can prevent diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular issues. You could even prevent cancer with it, according to some. This isn’t entirely true, says Van der Ploeg. Sure, blueberries contribute to a healthy body and can lower the chance of certain diseases. But, he says, this is true for fruit in general, not just for blueberries.


Blueberries aren’t healthier or better for you than other types of fruit, but they’re definitely not unhealthy either. What’s important is to vary in the types of fruit you consume. Roel Vonk, a professor in nutrition explains that blueberries are rich in flavonoids. This is a group of nutrients that have all kinds of positive effects on the body. But blueberries aren’t the only type of food that contains these flavonoids. There are tons of other types of fruit and vegetables that contain them as well.

Comparing apples and oranges

So, it’s fine if you want to eat a handful of blueberries since they’re definitely healthy. The danger lies in people no longer eating other fruit because they think those fruits are less healthy. Adding a couple of blueberries to your yoghurt in the morning is great, but go for a banana, apple, peach or another type of fruit in the afternoon. That way, you can be sure that you get enough different types of vitamins and minerals. The recommended amount of fruit to eat on a daily basis is two pieces of fruit. One small bowl of berries is the same as one piece of fruit.

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Source: RTL Nieuws | Image: Pixabay