No more trouble peeling garlic with this easy hack

peel garlic

With this hack, cooking will be that much easier!

Garlic is a great ingredient that adds flavor to your dishes. But it can also be kind of a pain to peel. When you finally have managed to get some of the skin off, the rest of it just won’t budge and it all gets stuck under your nails causing your hands to smell for days. Well, no longer! Because this easy trick will help you to peel your garlic cloves.

A knife

All you need, is a knife. And since you probably already have one at hand while you’re making dinner, this trick will be easy for you to try. Just put the garlic clove on a cutting board. The best way to do this would be to put it on it’s side. Then put the flat part of the knife on the clove and while making sure that your fingers don’t get to close to the edge, you push your hand on it. Add some force to it until you feel the clove crack. That is when you can take the knife off. The skin of the garlic will have cracked and you can easily feel of all the parts without any frustration or anger!

Whole bulb

If you’re planning on making a big dinner and need to use the whole bulb, it can feel like a chore to peel all of the cloves one by one. Luckily, there is a trick for this too. According to @olicares.barce on TikTok, you can apply the knife trick on a whole bulb too. You just have to cut the bulb in half (horizontally), put it on a cutting board with the cut part facing down and smack the whole thing with the side of a big knife. Add some pressure if needed and voilá! All of the cloves will have fallen out of their skin and you can continue making a delicious meal for all your friends and family.

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Source: Happy in Shape, TikTok – Olicares.barce | Image: Unsplash, Joe Green