This is why you shouldn’t wrap your leftover food in aluminum foil

aluminum foil leftovers

Do you always wrap your food in aluminum foil?

When you have leftovers and no Tupperware available to store it in, aluminum foil always seems like a good option. Some restaurants always wrap leftovers in tin foil. But it turns out that might not be the way to go. According to experts, it could be harming your precious food.


Oxygen is your food’s worst enemy. Where there is oxygen, there are bacteria to nestle in your food. And when you wrap your leftovers in aluminum foil, there will be plenty of room for bacteria to get in and ruin your delicious lunch before you have the chance to eat it. Because of oxygen, and with that bacteria that can get to your food, it will still go bad. And that is exactly what you were trying to avoid by using the tin foil! So what should you do instead?


One alternative to tin foil, is cling film. With cling film, bacteria won’t stand a chance. Another good alternative is Tupperware. And if you do decide to box your food, choose one that fits your food perfectly. If you pick a box that is too big, there will still be room for bacteria to nestle. A new way to store your leftovers is in beeswax food wrappers. These are sheet of beeswax that you can use to keep your food fresh. And it is better for the environment than the aluminum foil or Saran Wrap.

And if you’re not planning on eating your leftovers right away, then freeze them! In a freezer bag or box, your leftovers will last for months. That way, you can relive last night’s dinner whenever you want!

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Source: Flavor Flav | Image: Unsplash, Oscar Söderlund