Feel like fast food? THESE McDonald’s burgers contain the least amount of calories!


We know what we’ll be ordering next time!

Sometimes there’s just nothing to do but give in to that craving for a good burger. Especially the burgers from the big, yellow M are calling to us quite often. But then there’s that dilemma; You want to enjoy a good burger, but you also want to keep an eye on those calories…

These are the burgers to go for!

Do you want to eat a burger but also keep your calorie intake in check? Then it’s best to eat a regular hamburger. The delicious classic contains 253 calories. Want something with a little more to it? In that case it’s best to choose a cheese burger, since this one contains 304 calories. Other burgers that are pretty low on calories are the Filet-o-Fish (331 calories) and the Chili Chicken (358 calories).

Under 250 calories
Yes, even if you want to consume something that comes in at under 250 calories, you can visit McDonald’s. And, no, you don’t have to go for a salad. The small McWrap with honey mustard sauce (filled with crunchy chicken, lettuce and onions) contains only 246 calories.

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Source: Libelle | Image: archive