This simple trick will stop bananas going brown. This is so useful!

It’s time to say goodbye to brown bananas!

Bananas becoming brown, soft, and unappetizing to eat: unfortunately buying a bunch often ends up in a race against time. It’s one of those things in life we just need to accept. Or not?

Bananas are full of minerals, vitamins and fibers. They are also pretty filling; after eating a banana you will probably leave off the snacking. Unfortunately, they go brown very quickly, which is downright unappetizing. But what is the exact reason for this? In a nutshell; in special ripening warehouses so-called ethylene is released when the bananas have to ripen. This ethylene will start the ripening process and as a result the bananas themselves will also start to produce ethylene. This is why they change color when they ripen. Fortunately, there’s a way to prevent this! We’ve got a trick for you that will keep your bananas yellow. This way you can buy a bunch of bananas without having to throw half of them away!

There is a simple trick to keep your bananas fresh and even to prevent them from becoming brown. This is done by wrapping cling film around each banana’s stem: this will slow down the ripening process.

It’s as simple as that! Share this trick with your friends, so they can also save a bunch of bananas from ending up in the bin!

Image: Pixabay

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