Do you still have CD cases at home? Guess what you can do with them?!

You can make the nicest photo frame out of these old CD cases!

Nowadays, most music is consumed through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, so you might have lots of unused CDs and CD cases lying around. There’s no need to throw them all away, because you can make some pretty cool photo frames out of them!

How does it work?
It’s pretty straightforward. You will need to take apart the covers so you end up with two separate parts; the front part and the back part. Firstly, cover the full length of both vertical sidebars of the back part with some glue. Then, stack the other back parts right on top of the glue, and add a fourth back part on top so you have a cube. Let it dry well so it doesn’t collapse. Then attach the top parts and slide in the pictures.

This photo cube is great for placing around a candle holder or a vase. That way you can always enjoy your favorite photos. And of course, it’s always possible to move around the photo frame, so you can enjoy it from different angles. 

Give it a try! If you’d like to see how it’s done, take a look at the video below.

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