An old bus can be transformed into something wonderful! Look at the result


This old bus got transformed into an amazing camper van!

Many people dream about traveling the world in a camper van, and we sure understand why. It’s our dream as well. The freedom of having your own house on wheels seems amazing! You can travel the world in style and it’s way more comfortable than traveling with a backpack; sounds great, doesn’t it?

The man in this story took that dream a little further. He bought a double-decker bus and decided to transform it into something he could travel the world with. He documented the whole thing and the result is astonishing. We can definitely see ourselves living in this camper van! It’s like a house on wheels! It’s amazing how much effort he put in, that’s for sure. We collected a few pictures of the end results and have included a video at the bottom of the page as well.

From old empty bus…

To luxurious bedroom with king size bed!

Can you imagine this is what the bus looked like at first?


And he turned it into this amazing camper van!

Before he started building, he made a blueprint of the project. This was the idea.

It even has a bathtub in it. We have to admit; we’re pretty jealous…

Take a look at the video of the full transformation!

Source: youtube

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