Do you like to visit flea markets? THESE are the things you should never buy second hand!

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Some things should just be bought new

Second hand shopping can be really rewarding: you save a lot of money and you might find something truly special that no one else has. We love strolling through flea markets or visiting charity shops. And then there’s eBay, of course, if we’re looking for something specific. It’s a great feeling to get use out of something that someone else no longer needs.

There are some things you should really buy new, though.

Part of what makes second hand buying so much fun is the knowledge that the item you buy has a history. There might be a really cool story behind that nice chair you bought! That’s also the pitfall, though. You don’t know what has happened to the product before you bought it. In some cases, that doesn’t really matter. You clean or wash it, and it’s good to go. For other things, however, not knowing the history might make a difference when it comes to safety or effectiveness.

Buy new

  • Cribs: It’s important to know a crib’s history. They are recalled quite often by manufacturers and you don’t want to put your child in danger, of course. Plus, the crib could be missing a part or a screw you don’t know about and that could end up compromising your child’s safety as well. Best to play it safe and buy a new crib.
  • Laptops: Buying a used laptop might seem like a smart choice, but the average lifespan of a laptop isn’t very long, even if you treat it completely right. You also don’t know how the previous owner treated it. Bumps, bangs and spills can damage the functionality of the laptop. Investing in a new one is the better choice.
  • Stuffed animals: These cute toys are massively overpriced, so buying a second hand one can be appealing. It probably won’t be that appealing anymore when you think of the bed bugs, lice and bacteria that sweet teddy bear might be carrying with it. Yikes.
  • Mattresses: It’s important to have a good mattress, but why do they have to be so insanely expensive? As with stuffed animals, buying one second hand might seem like the best option, but it’s not. We’ve got one word for you: bedbugs. Plus, a mattress’s lifespan is only 7 to 10 years. Who knows how long that second hand mattress has been used for?
  • Helmets: This one’s all about safety, too. You buy a helmet for safety, so you want it to actually be safe, right? When you don’t know the helmet’s history, you don’t know if it’s previously been damaged in a way you can’t see with the naked eye.

Watch the video below for more items you shouldn’t buy second hand!

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Source: TipHero | Image: Pixabay