Must have: We just have to have this wine advent calendar from Aldi!

wine advent calendar

We can’t think of a better way to count down to Christmas

What would we do without Aldi? A while ago they announced a special chocolate wine (!) for Christmas. And now the budget supermarket has had another brilliant idea: a wine advent calendar.

The countdown till Christmas has never been this much fun.

Advent calendar
All of us will probably remember the well-known chocolate advent calendar. A month before Christmas you were allowed to open the first little door and get a small chocolate, and then another one every single day. Tons of fun for children, of course, but us adults would like something special as well. That’s why Aldi’s wine advent calendar is an absolute godsend. Plus, this way you can justify enjoying a glass of wine every single day.

24 tiny bottles of wine
You’ll find all kinds of different wines within the calendar; red, white, rose, prosecco, from Merlot to Chablis. Apart from the proseccos, all the wines hail from France. The proseccos are from Italy and Spain. The calendar is stocked with 24 tiny bottles of wine, which is more or less equal to 6 bottles of wine of 75 cl each. And all of you Brits out there: you’re the lucky ones, because the wine advent calendar is only available at the British branches!

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