We’ve got the answer: THIS is why your mouth tingles when you eat pineapple!

The fruit’s delicious, but we don’t like that tingling feeling!

Although fresh pineapple is the perfect summer treat, it tastes good all year round. There’s a downside, though, because a lot people get a strange tingling sensation in their mouth after eating a piece of this fruit. It’s very annoying! But there’s no need to worry about having some kind of allergy, because this is what’s causing that tingly feeling!

There’s nothing to worry about.

The tingling feeling in your mouth can be annoying, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve got an intolerance to anything. There’s no need to ban pineapple from your life! The fruit is simply very rich in bromelain, which is an enzyme that breaks down proteins. When you take a bite of pineapple, the bromelain starts to work its magic. Your mouth is full of proteins, which is why you get that tingly and itchy feeling. Luckily, your mouth is also capable of healing itself pretty quickly, which means you can eat some more pineapple the next day without a worry in the world. Bromelain is actually super healthy. It’s good for your digestion and is naturally anti-inflammatory.

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Source: Libelle België | Image: Pixabay