Try adding some lemon juice to your boiled eggs! This will be the result!

lemon juice

You have to know about this lemon juice trick!

Many people think boiling an egg is one of the easiest things to do in the kitchen. But there’s always the risk of the shell of the egg breaking during the boiling process. That can cause a lot of irritation and stress!

Lemon juice might just be the solution!

Egg shell
We’ve looked far and wide for a suitable solution, because when an egg breaks, it can be difficult to get it out of its shell properly. Do you recognize this extremely frustrating problem? While you’re peeling the shell off your egg, half of the egg comes loose with it as well. This makes for such a mess and it’s a waste of time as well. Another problem with boiling an egg might be that the egg turns a nasty sort of color. There’s an easy way to get rid of these problems. Believe it or not, but you only need one thing.

Lemon juice
All you need is a bit of lemon juice. The acidity of the juice makes sure that the egg shell is protected from breaking. It also causes the egg to retain its pretty white color. Definitely worth a try, right?

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Image: Pexels