This is why you should take more naps with your partner

nap relationship

This is a good excuse to take a nap together every day!

We love taking naps and if it turns out that taking a nap is actually good for you, then we won’t argue with that. But apparently, taking naps isn’t just beneficial for your own health. If you take a nap with your partner, it might actually be beneficial for your relationship too. 

Sleeping together

Sleeping in the same bed might increase the amount of deep sleep you experience. That means that sleeping together during the night might already improve your health and with that your relationship. But now, it turns out that taking a short nap on the couch with your partner might also be good for your relationship. The University of Florida conducted research in which they asked couples about their sleeping habits. They wanted to know how many hours the couples spend together sleeping. After that, the couples had to rate their relationship. And it turns out that couples who spend more time sleeping rated their relationship higher than the people who don’t spend as much time napping together.


This is because sleep improves your mood. And a good mood could serve as a buffer for your relationship; you’ll be less annoyed, irritable and grumpy. That means that you won’t take those feelings out on your partner. If you and your partner take a power nap every once in a while, you might be less annoyed. And with that, less annoyed with each other. Good news for people who love to nap!

So, whenever you feel like you’ve been wasting your time napping on the couch, remember that you’re basically working on your relationship while catching some necessary z’s together.

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Source: Grazia | Image: Unsplash, Clem Onojeghuo