Find out: this is the right way to eat a banana

eat banana

Apparently, we have been eating them wrong!

It might seem like there isn’t a whole lot to it: you peel it and you eat it. But as it turns out, there is a right and wrong way to eat a banana. And it could be that you’ve been eating the fruit wrong all your life. Find out more below.

Peel it

The first part of properly eating a banana, is peeling it the right way. And if you want to peel a banana, the best way to do it is to start at the top. We used to think that the top of the banana meant the stem. But the stem of the banana, the part that a lot of people use to open the banana, is actually considered the bottom of the fruit. Because the stem is the part of the banana that is attached to the plant. And from there, they grow upwards! That means that when you want to peel a banana, you should actually start at what we considered to be the bottom; the small black tip.

And another useful fact about the peel: if you pinch the tip, it will open much more easily. No more struggles to open your banana!

The tip

That small black tip at the top (or the bottom, if you’re sticking with your old beliefs) of your banana is what remains of the banana flower. When a banana grows upwards on the tree, a flower appears on top of it. And when that flower disappears, the tiny black tip is what is left of it. When you open your banana at the tip, you can easily take off the tip of the banana and eat the rest of it. Another benefit to opening bananas the right way!

Luckily, the actual eating of the banana hasn’t changed; you can still eat it anyway you like and it will still taste as delicious as it did when you opened it at the bottom.

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Source: Eat this, Not that! | Image: Unsplash, Alex Gruber