This Is Why You Should Crush A Cucumber Before You Eat It

Better taste

Usually we wash a cucumber and then just cut it into pieces. However, there is one more step that you apparently need to do before serving pieces. Apparently cucumbers become tastier if you crush them first. You do this by pressing the vegetable with the side of a knife. Besides the fact that it tastes better by crushing it, the vegetable will also pick up other flavors better. When you add it to a salad, you will taste the difference. It will absorb the dressing far better, for example.

This is how you crush the cucumber

The best way to ‘smash’ the cucumber? It is best to cut the vegetable into a few pieces first. Then press it with a large knife (flat side) and crush the pieces. Just like you crush garlic, for example. And no, the cucumber should not be crushed as flat as a dime, but just gently. Done? Then you can cut it into pieces and eat it!

Source: KookFans