Adding broccoli to your coffee is the new coffee trend. Would you give it a try?

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Broccoli powder

If you had to choose between a juicy burger and some broccoli, the choice is easily made, we’d say. Many people would rather choose an unhealthy snack over a healthy one. This is something Australian government organisation CSIRO cares a lot about. That’s why CSIRO teamed up with agricultural group Hort Innovation to look for a way to make people eat more vegetables. Broccoli is chock full of iron, vitamins and manganese and that’s why they came up with the idea to make a powder out of the vegetable.

Leftover broccoli

The powder is made out of leftover broccolis. These are collected and then dried and processed. This has two benefits: it reduces vegetable waste and the processed broccoli is used to make a healthy product. According to the people who developed the powder, eating just two tablespoons of it is equal to eating an entire broccoli. One Australian coffee shop located in Melbourne was the first one to add the powder to their lattes and cappuccinos. So, how does it taste? The owner of the shop describes it as taking a big bite of broccoli in liquid form.

At the moment, the powder is still being tested and in further development. It’s not yet known whether the powder will make its way to the rest of the world as well. Would you want to try it?

Take a look at the video below, which shows people trying the Brocc-offee.

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Source: RTL Nieuws | Image: photomontage; Pexels

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