Round, almond shaped or small: the shape of your eyes says a lot about your personality

Bulging eyes

Bulging eyes may not be the right word, but your eyes are not hidden in your eye socket. Your eyes are there – and look beautiful! – and they say that you are a kind and sweet person. You have a small circle of friends and family around you. These individuals are everything to you, and you never lose sight of this.

Deep-set eyes

Are your eyes a little more deep-set in your eye sockets? Then you are a dreamy type who can have fun alone. You appear to the outside world as a bit mysterious. However, this does not mean anything negative. You are romantic and when you know someone very well, you expose yourself completely.

Round eyes

If you have round eyes, you are full of creativity. You are an open, emotional and enthusiastic person. You often attract attention in large groups because you have a lot of charm. Sometimes, people with round eyes are a bit clumsy.

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