This is why you shouldn’t wear the same shoes every day

Every day

It’s much better to change your pair of shoes every day. This doesn’t have a lot to do with ergonomics, but it can make a big difference when it comes to the durability of your shoes. Jim Kass of shoe chain Allen Edmonds explains to Business Insider that you should alternate your pairs of shoes if you want them to last longer.


The reason for this sounds pretty logical. When you wear your shoes, they absorb the sweat from your feet. This is a very normal process, but your shoes need enough time to dry again afterwards. If you wear the same ones every day, they don’t get the chance to do that and that can cause them to lose their shape. Kass also recommends using wooden shoe trees. These will absorb the moisture as well and they keep your footwear in good condition.

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Source: Harpers Bazaar | Image: Pixabay

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