Beware: this happens when you leave a facemask on for too long


It can have an adverse effect

Occasionally, your skin needs a boost. With the necessary creams, you can make your skin look less oily, dry and pimply. We all want smooth skin, but before you put on that facemask and turn on a good film, be careful not to let it sit for too long. A dermatologist explains why.

The exact “wear time” differs per mask.


Let’s start with the positive qualities of a facemask. Why would you need to apply a facemask if you already use day and/or night cream daily? Actually, it is very simple: a mask is formulated to stay on the skin longer and complement other beauty products. As a result, the ingredients evaporate less quickly and substances can penetrate the skin better. Additionally, many masks contain vitamins that can give your skin an extra boost. These are plenty of reasons to pamper your skin every week with a nourishing mask.

Curious about what happens to your skin when you leave a mask on your face for too long? Continue reading on the next page to find out!

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