Your eye colour says more about you than you might think! What does yours say about you?


People with blue eyes are often seen as courteous and sexy, but rarely as intelligent. What many people don’t seem to take notice of is that blue eyed people have a great inner strength. Studies have shown that women with blue eyes are often better able to endure labour than others. And this might also interest you: people with blue eyes have a higher alcohol tolerance!

Grey eyes are a type of blue eyes. People with grey eyes are often difficult to read. They can be very introverted and balanced people, but they can also have a double personality. People with light grey eyes can seem unapproachable, but once they’ve let you in, they’re the most loyal friends you can have.

Green is the most rare out of all eye colours. People with green eyes are often very creative. Research has shown that people with green eyes have the leadership skills of people with brown eyes and the inner strength of people with blue ones. A true jackpot!

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