Do you have armpit fat hanging out of your bra? This is what you might be able to do about it

Cardio and strength

When you want to work on getting rid of armpit fat it’s important to focus on cardio and strength training in your exercise regime. Focus especially on your chest and your back with this. By doing the following exercises, you’ll be targeting your armpit fat specifically and it’ll be gone before you know it!

  • Lying chest fly: You will need a pair of small weights for this exercise. Lie flat on your back and, holding the weights, open your arms to the side with your palms facing up. Slightly bend your elbows and then raise your arms to the ceiling, bringing the weights together above your chest.
  • Pull up: This is a very effective way to combat armpit fat. It’s pretty difficult to pull yourself up, so if you can’t manage it, you can use a little stool. What’s most important for this one is to keep practising!
  • Dumbbell pull up: Lie down flat on your stomach and try to keep your legs straight. Holding the small weights again, put your arms out to the sides. Next, reach your arms back toward your legs and then lift your head and chest off the ground. Make sure you engage your core while doing this. Move your arms out to the sides again while you lower your chest back to the ground.
  • Swimming: With this exercise, you’ll train your entire body. Lie down flat on your stomach and outstretch your arms and legs. Lift them up and make swimming motions.

Try doing these exercises for 15 to 20 minutes each day and you’ll notice a clear difference in a few weeks already. Besides this, you should, of course, make sure you’re eating healthy; that’s the most important thing (and good for your health).

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