Got a headache, dry skin and burning eyes? Buy THIS plant for your home straight away!


This plant will do a lot of good for your health

We all have those days sometimes when we’re just not feeling like our best selves. Especially in the cold winter months these days seem to come around a little more frequently. This isn’t really that surprising, because both our immune systems and the humidity are a lot lower during this time of year. Because of this, many people experience problems like dry skin, headaches and burning eyes. 

You’re probably going to like this easy and cheap solution to these problems!

Dry skin and headaches
The solution is very simple: buy a plant. Research done by Fytagoras Plant Science from Leiden, the Netherlands, shows that an indoor hydrangea can considerably increase the humidity in a home. So, if you buy this plant, you can say goodbye to dry eyes, headaches and dry, sensitive skin! All because of a plant; who’d have thought?

Apart from ensuring a much healthier climate inside your home during the winter, this special plant also brings a really nice smell with it. It’s a win-win situation! Because the hydrangea has a humidity-controlling ability, it’ll make sure the humidity in your home will be much better. The roots of the plant suck in water, which is transported to the leafs and flowers. In the end, this water evaporates into the air of your home, which you’ll notice almost immediately.

The study shows there are multiple plants with this useful and special quality, but the hydrangea is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to effectiveness. A healthy humidity level for your home would be around 40 percent. The study shows that nine indoor hydrangeas can raise the humidity level from 30 to 40 percent in only four hours. Of course, nine hydrangeas can be a bit overwhelming; one or two of these plants can help out a lot already as well!

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Source: GroenrijkLibelle | Image: Pixabay