6 handy tricks to prevent shiny skin

shiny skin

Does your skin begin to shine more and more throughout the day?

In the morning when you cast that last glance in the mirror, nothing is wrong, but as soon as you come home after a work or school day, it is different. Have you had such a glowhead all day long? How is that possible? Should you change your day cream, or are you ready to ban all creams from your beauty bag? What a lack of clarity! We give you 6 tricks to, for the last time,  prevent shiny skin.

That way your skin stays beautiful.


First of all, how does shiny skin come about? This is due to increased sebum production. Together with a layer of sweat —which you naturally have on your face— an oily layer on your skin is formed. Some have oily skin on their own, but it can also be due to hormone changes. Are you switching from a contraceptive or are you pregnant? You will see this in your skin!

1. Food and drinks

The amount of water you drink and the foods you eat can be seen on your skin. Shiny skin is actually a dehydrated skin. Therefore, make sure you drink enough water and eat healthy food.

2. Scrubbing is banned

Scrub off that layer of fat? That “seems” a good way. Unfortunately, this is not that wise, since it damages the top skin layer and stimulates the glow process. Instead, opt for a liquid exfoliant with salicylic acid. This removes the dead skin cells in a mild way.

3. Cleaning process

Cleaning is one of the most important parts. Take good care of your skin by using a face wash gel every morning and evening, followed by a tonic —for closing your pores— a serum, and a moisturizing day and night cream. Seems like a lot of work, but your skin will thank you.

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