Dogs come together for one final goodbye

dogs goodbye

When one of the dogs was going to be put down, the others joined her for a final walk

When Ella was diagnosed with oral cancer, her owner wanted to give her one final goodbye before she had to be put down. That is why she asked other dog parents to join her on the beach for Ella’s final walk.


Ella, a twelve-year-old border collie was diagnosed with oral cancer. Sara Keith, her owner, wanted to give her friend a proper goodbye before the dog had to be put down. According to BBC, Keith said that she wanted Ella to “go out with a bang”. She wanted to plan this goodbye in a location special to Ella; a beach at Fraisthorpe, near Bridlington. According to Keith, that was Ella’s favorite beach. She told the BBC: “When she was younger, we used to come here all the time … I have loads of photos of her.” And that is why she decided to plan Ella’s last walk at her favorite beach.


But Keith didn’t just want to say goodbye by herself. That is why she posted about the final walk on Facebook. And a lot of dog parents were moved by the idea. On the last day, Ella and Keith were joined by several local dogs and their owners to say goodbye to Ella. Keith said: “All these people turned out with their dogs … It was amazing.” Ella’s final goodbye definitely was a day to remember. A lot of other dogs were there and according to Keith, Ella was ‘in her element’. She said that Ella ‘has forgotten I’m even here’ and described the event as “the best day for her, the worst for me”.

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Source: BBC | Image: Unsplash, Kojirou Sasaki