Dying baby turtle saved by family in Ireland

baby turtle saved

The turtle drifted for 4,000 miles before washing up on a shore in Ireland

When a family in Ireland went out for a walk on the beach, they found a turtle washed up on the rocks. The baby turtle was close to dying and the family decided to act fast to find a place for the turtle to recover. Now, the turtle is doing well. According to experts, it is very likely the turtle will make a full recovery.

A baby turtle was recently found washed ashore on an Irish beach, leaving many locals stunned and wondering how it got there! Could this be the start of a new phenomenon, or is it simply a fluke? Either way, this lost little creature needed all the help it could get!

Since turtles are typically found in warmer waters, such as near the Caribbean the Irish family could almost not believe their eyes when they spotted the little baby turtle on the beach. But when they spotted it they didn’t hesitate for a second and immediately went to look for help.