81-year-old survives week in snowbank eating candy & croissants

survive snowbank

The man was stuck on a California highway for six days before he was rescued

When Jerry Jouret from California got in his car and started driving, he was not prepared for the sudden change of weather that occurred in March. During his trip, a snowstorm started, leaving him leaving him stranded in a snowbank on a desolate highway. In his car was nothing to keep him warm and only croissants, candy and biscotti to eat. After six days, the man was rescued and discharged from the hospital that same day.


In California, you wouldn’t expect a sudden snowstorm to start when you’re running errands. When Jerry Jouret left his house, skies were clear. Snow was predicted to fall later that day, but Jouret expected to be back by then. When Jouret never made it to his destination, his family got worried and called the Inyo County Sherriff’s Office to report him missing. On March first, five days after the man went missing, a rescue team was able to head out and look for him. Earlier attempts had to be postponed because of the weather. On March second, the man was found stuck in a snowbank on a California highway.


According to CNN, the man wasn’t prepared for the change of weather. They reported that “A light quilt and a hotel bath towel were the only things Jouret had to keep himself warm.” For the first days, Jouret used his car battery to stay warm. He turned it on and off every now and then to make the battery last. He would roll down his window to eat snow. Unfortunately, his battery died when he rolled his window up, causing it to remain slightly open for the rest of the days that he was stuck in the snowbank. For food, he only had some candy, croissants and biscotti in his car.

Eventually, one of the helicopters looking for Jouret found him and he was discharged from the hospital that same evening. Jouret was only suffering from dehydration. Officials responded to the event with the message to always be prepared when you leave the house. “If it is snowing, make sure you are prepared…and bring extra supplies with you.”

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Source: CNN, Good News Network | Image: Unsplash, Tetiana Shyshkina