Man donates $30 million at Turkish embassy for earthquake victims

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The man walked into the embassy and anonymously donated a generous amount of money

On Saturday, Pakistan’s Prime Minister tweeted about a man who walked into the Turkish embassy in the US. The man came in to donate an amount of $30 million. And the money was meant for victims of the devastating earth quake in Turkey and Syria. He chose to remain anonymous but his gesture is deeply appreciated.


On Monday, February 6th, Turkey and Syria were hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. Over 34,000 people were killed by the earthquake. And tens of thousands of people have been injured. Luckily, a lot of children and elderly have been pulled out of the rubble, success stories have been pouring in and the whole world has come together to collect money for the victims. But one act in particular has caught the media’s attention. The act was so generous, it even caught the attention of the Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. On Twitter, he talks about the generous act of one man that went out of his way to help the victims of the earthquake.


On Saturday February 11, a tweet went out by Pakistan’s Prime Minister saying: “Deeply moved by the example of an anonymous Pakistani who walked into the Turkish embassy in the US and donated $30 million for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.” According to the tweet, a man of Pakistani descent walked into the Turkish embassy located in the US and made the generous donation anonymous. The prime minister said that he was deeply moved by the man’s act. According to CNN, Sharif said: “These are such glorious acts of philanthropy that enable humanity to triumph over the seemingly insurmountable odds.”

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Source: CNN, Khaleej Times | Image: Unsplash, Carl Campbell