Kids who help out around the house become more successful adults

kids helping

It might be time to let your kids do the dishes tonight!

For kids, having to do help out always feels like punishment. You probably felt the same way when your parents made you vacuum the house or when you had to help clean the garage. But it turns out those boring tasks might actually have had a positive effect on your life. 

Positive effect when kids help

According to child care expert Julie Lythcott-Haims, who did a TED-Talk about the subject, doing household chores can have a positive influence on our lives. It turns out that children who have participated in household chores, have a more successful life when they get older! A study conducted by Harvard found that children learn how to be pro-active when they help around the house. And that is great for their development. Apparently, children will take initiative to help out if you involve them in the household chores early on. That would be plenty of reason to ask your kids to help out a little!

Future success

Not ready to thank your parents yet for giving you all these chores when you were younger? Well, according to Lythcott-Haims, children who almost never have to help around the house are more sloppy and have a harder time finding a job when they’re adults. It might just be that washing the dishes every week landed you that awesome job you currently have! So it might just be beneficial to have your kids help out every once in a while.

And if your kids ever want to object whenever you ask them to take out the trash, you can tell them that it is for their own good!

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Source: Libelle, Flair | Image: Unsplash, CDC