Clever cleaning: 6 alternative things you can use dishwasher tablets for around the house

Brown stains

The true tea fanatics among us will be familiar with this problem: the ugly brown stains that are left behind in tea pots, mugs and glasses. No matter how hard you scrub when you’re doing the dishes, it’s not very easy to get rid of them. Luckily, we’ve got a solution for that: a dishwasher tablet (you guessed it!). Fill a tea pot with some boiling water and a dishwasher tablet, or divide this dishwasher tablet water over the mugs. Let this sit and soak for an hour and then carefully rinse it all. You’ll notice the brown stains have disappeared!

Yellow stains

Yet another difficult stain to get rid of: yellow stains in, for example, white T-shirts. It’s especially difficult to remove the yellow stains around the armpits. A dishwasher tablet will solve this problem for you, though. All you need to do is add one tablet to your washing machine. Just follow your regular washing programme and your clothes will be pearly white again!

Pots and pans

Got burnt pieces of food stuck in your pot or pan and do you have trouble removing them? Then a dishwasher tablet is your new best friend. Put the pot with the caked on food onto the stove. Fill the pot with a layer of water and place the tablet in there. Turn the stove on to a medium to high heat and let the water boil for a couple of minutes. Next, clean the pan with a sponge or a dish brush and it’ll look as good as new!

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Source: Libelle | Image: Wikimedia Commons, Elke Wetzig; video still

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