Apply this top 10 of tricks and you’ll clean your kitchen within 10 minutes

No time to clean your kitchen? No problem!

We all lead busy lives, so we don’t always have time to clean and tidy our kitchens. If only it could be done in just a couple of minutes; wouldn’t that be perfect? Well, it can be done! Follow these tips if you don’t have a lot of time on a daily basis, but do want a clean kitchen!

These tricks will help you to keep your kitchen nice and tidy.

10. Install adhesive hooks

Adhesive hooks are your best friends: you can stick them wherever you want and you don’t need to drill into a wall for it. Stick a few hooks onto a kitchen cabinet or on the wall. These hooks are ideal for hanging kitchen equipment, oven mitts or towels. Your kitchen will immediately look tidier.

9. Clear out your fridge

Take a few minutes to clean up your fridge. Throw out everything that’s passed its expiration date or that has been open for a long time. Quickly wipe your fridge with a cloth. It’ll look nice and neat again.

8. Clean up your drawer

Everyone has one of these: a gadget drawer that’s just one big mess of small gadgets, things you needed to put away quickly and things you won’t ever need again in your life. Take a moment to tidy it and throw away everything you won’t use again. Want to make it even tidier? Use small containers within the drawer to store things in and make sure it stays tidy.

7. Set up a meal plan

Think of what you want to eat this week and buy the ingredients all in one go. That way, you know exactly what you’re doing when you get into the kitchen to cook. We can guarantee you this will mean less of a mess when you’re done.

6. Plastic bags

It’s a staple eyesore in a lot of households: what seems like about a hundred plastic bags in the kitchen. You save them because you figure you can use them again and it isn’t very eco-friendly to throw them out right away, and before you know it you’ve got a ton of them. Make sure you have a couple of plastic bags left to use, but throw out the rest of them. Promise yourself you will always take a plastic bag with you and never buy a new one again!

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