Pour mouth water into the toilet and be amazed by the result

mouth water
The toilet isn’t the only thing you can clean using mouth water

Some people use mouth water on a daily basis and others use it only sporadically. Generally speaking, it is meant to be used in addition to your usual teeth-brushing. It strengthens your teeth, supports your daily dental hygiene and gives you a fresh breath. But did you ever think of pouring this stuff down the toilet? You’ll be surprised by the results after you’ve seen this video!

The antibacterial properties of mouth water are perfect for many household chores.

Mouth water

When you think of this refreshing liquid, you probably immediately think of cleaning your teeth. But what if we told you you can use this stuff for a ton of cleaning chores around the house? For example, the video on the next page shows the effect of pouring this liquid down the toilet. Mouth water is not just handy for cleaning the toilet, though; it’s also a great cleaning product for other chores.

Bathroom cleaner

Are you out of bathroom cleaner? It’s just as effective to use a bit of mouth water to clean the bathroom with! Dilute the mouth water with lukewarm water and apply this to a cloth. Use this mixture to clean mirrors, sinks and tiles. Everything in your bathroom will shine like never before.


In our day to day lives, we touch a lot of electrical devices like smartphones, computer and tablets. Did you know mouth water is the perfect product to clean the screens of all of these devices with? Apply a small drop of the product to a cloth and wipe your screens brilliantly clean.


A special tip to lengthen the lives of your flowers is to add a little bit of mouth water to the water in the vase. It might sound strange, but just a little bit of this refreshing liquid makes sure that your flowers stay fresh for much longer. Two tablespoons per one litre of water is plenty.

Curious to find out about the other uses of mouth water? Go to the next page to keep reading and to see the video!

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