You should NEVER mix together these cleaning products! It’s extremely dangerous!

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Mixing together these cleaning products could be deadly!

Cleaning: some people find it utterly relaxing while other people absolutely hate it. But whether you like it or not; it has to be done. To make the chore a bit more efficient and less time consuming, you might think it’s a good idea to mix together two different cleaning products, but you really shouldn’t do this. 

It could be really dangerous.


Mixing together cleaning products might go perfectly fine, but unless you’re a scientist, we don’t recommend trying it. If you don’t know how the different chemicals are going to react to one another, it’s not a good idea to mix them together. You might cause a chemical reaction you won’t see coming, like an explosion or a nasty burn. This poses a danger to you, but also to the rest of your family.


There are a few combinations of cleaning products that could actually wind up being deadly. Be very careful not to mix the following things together:

  • Two types of drain cleaner: these products are very strong. If your drain or toilet is clogged and one drain cleaner doesn’t help, don’t go and mix it with a second one.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar: Mixing these together can pose a real risk. You might have heard that spraying these on your counter is the perfect remedy against fruit flies in your kitchen. If you spray both of these products on the counter separately, it’ll be fine, but if they mix you could end up with a nasty chemical burn!
  • Bleach and ammonia: If these two are combined, they will create a toxic gas called ‘chloramine’. Inhaling it will make you feel pretty bad and it can cause damage to your air ways.

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