This is how you get your induction stove squeaky clean


This method also works for gas-on-glass

When you go out to buy a new kitchen (or new parts of a kitchen), the salespeople often recommend going for an induction stove since this is much easier to clean than a gas stove. People who do still want to cook on gas now also have the option of gas-on-glass; this looks just as fancy as induction but still has the benefits of cooking on gas. Induction and gas-on-glass might look very pretty, but there are a couple of issues when it comes to cleaning them. We’ll explain how to go about it!

We’ll also explain what not to do when you’re cleaning an induction stove.

What not to do

Before you get out the big guns for cleaning your induction or gas-on-glass stove, make sure you know what not to do. Whatever you do, don’t use steel sponges, scourers or abrasive products. These things can cause permanent scratches. Also make sure the stove has completely cooled down. You might think it’s handy to clean the cooker when it’s still a little bit warm so any spills don’t get caked on, but cleaning products can burn too, and this causes even more damage. And last but not least; never use glass cleaner! Glass cleaner is much too aggressive for the glass plate on top of the stove and can damage it.

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