This is why you should clean the filter of your extractor hood using coke


Coke can clean a lot of stuff. You can use the caffeinated drink to clean the sink, remove gum and to make jewellery shiny again. Coke can remove grease stains as well. Furthermore, the drink works perfectly when cleaning the filter of your extractor hood.

How does it work?

Remove the filter from your extractor hood and put it in a deep baking tray. Pour coke over the filter and make sure it is completely submerged. Leave the filter to sit in the coke for 20 minutes. Afterwards, scrub the filter with a rough brush. If all went well, you can now easily scrub all the dirt of the filter. Finally, rinse off the filter with lukewarm water and Bob’s your uncle!

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Source: 5-Minute Crafts | Image: video still YouTube

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