Bright and clean laundry with 1 cure-all solution! And it’s cheap as well!

6. Soap scum and other remnants

Especially when preferring powder over liquid detergent, you might experience soap scum or other impurities remaining in your clothes after washing. This can lead to a lot of a skin irritation with sensitive skin. Adding 125 millilitres of vinegar with your regular laundry cycle will help get rid of these irritations!

7. Let it soak, let it soak, let it soak

Swimwear, washcloths and towels will often start feeling ‘greasy’ after a while. Just soak them in a tile with 60 millilitres of vinegar and water, and then throw them in the washing machine. They’ll come out all sparkling and clean!

8. The smell of cigarettes

Do you smoke indoors? Or have you attended a place where others smoked indoors? This’ll have your clothes smelling nasty, especially when left untreated! White vinegar will neutralise the scent of cigarettes! And this also applies to curtains!

9. Animal hair

As much as you love your pooch, the hair it leaves behind is a whole different story…It’s always a tricky story when your clothes are covered in the difficult-to-remove animal hair. The trick, which you can probably guess by now, is to wash your clothing in your machine and include some vinegar. Let it dry and once that’s done, you’ll have no trouble simply shaking out the hair.

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