This is why you should put black pepper in your washing machine

Black pepper in the washing machine

To prevent your laundry detergent from ruining all your beautiful clothes, we use black pepper. You probably don’t believe it, but mixing a teaspoon of black pepper with your detergent prevents discoloration. It is important that you set the temperature of the washing program quite low.

How does it work

You’re probably wondering, how can black pepper prevent the discoloration of my laundry? It’s because the structure of black pepper prevents soap residue from sticking to your clothing. In addition, black pepper prevents the colors of your garments from being transferred.

Dishwasher tablet in the washing machine

Aside from the black pepper, it is wise to throw a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine every now and then. Experts recommend running the washing machine once a month with one or two dishwasher tablets to prevent clogging in the washing machine. Set the washing machine at 90 degrees and let it run for a while – this will extend the life of your washing machine!

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