7 things you can clean with a denture cleanser tablet

4. Toilet

You’ll clean the toilet in no time with two denture cleanser tablets. Throw them both in the toiletbowl and leave them to fizz. Then flush the toilet and you’ll see that it is clean, even in the hard to reach corners that you normally struggle to clean!

5. Sink

Is your sink not looking as fresh as you want it to be? Fill it with water and throw in a denture cleanser tablet. Then scrub the sink with a scourer or cloth and your sink will look all shiny and new again.

6. Braces

A denture cleanser tablet is ideal for cleaning dentures, so why shouldn’t we use it for braces as well? Do check with your orthodontist whether your type of braces is protected against such tablets. If they are, put your braces in a glass of water and add one tablet. The result? Shiny braces!

7. White sneakers

How does it work? Dissolve one denture cleanser tablet in a glass of water and use this mixture to clean your white sneakers. You won’t believe how white they’ll get! Do try this on a little piece of your sneakers first though to find out whether the fabric of your sneakers is protected against the mixture.

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Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels