Which famous couples are still together and which are separated?

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Which couples are still happy together? And which not?

“Till death do us part” is a saying that couples in love promise each other on their wedding day. Unfortunately, not every couple lives happily ever after, because there are quite a few famous couples who are no longer together. Curious which couples are still together and which are divorced? We made a list.  

Beyoncé and Jay-Z (18 years)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z got to know each other in the music scene. Rapper Jay-Z reportedly had to go to great lengths to win over singer Beyoncé, but he succeeded in the end. The couple has been together for 18 years and they have three children. However, they went through a short break-up during this period, because Jay-Z turned out not to be one hundred percent faithful to Beyoncé. After a brief breakup, the couple got back together and now seems to be doing better than ever.


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