WARNING: There’s a new WhatsApp virus going around that has access to your conversations!


The virus even takes pictures without you knowing about it!

There probably aren’t many smartphones in the world that don’t have this app on it: WhatsApp. It’s easy to use and it’s a simple way to communicate with your friends and family. Now, there are always dangers when it comes to viruses on the internet, but for the most-used app in the world? Not until now.

That’s why people are calling this a very dangerous virus that can immensely violate your privacy.

People who use WhatsApp on an Android smartphone have to be very careful and pay close attention from now on. A WhatsApp virus has been discovered within the operating system that makes it possible for other people to read along and listen to your conversations on the app. So how do you get this virus? It gets transferred onto your smartphone by fake telecom service providers websites. You receive a message or an email from these fake companies that include a link. As soon as you click the link, you have the virus on your phone.

Privacy violation
This dangerous virus doesn’t just have access to your conversations; it can also connect to WiFi networks and it can even take pictures and videos without you noticing. We don’t know yet how many people have been duped by this virus, but we do know that right now the virus is mostly contained to smartphone users in Italy. Pay close attention to any suspicious emails you receive from a telecom service provider and don’t click on a link without knowing what it leads to!

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Source: Nieuwsblad.be | Image: Pexels